our Team

Credit: Jesse B. Whiles

Credit: Jesse B. Whiles

Rachael Nemeth | Co-founder, CEO

Rachael is a 15-year food industry veteran. She managed people and operations at some of NYC’s most respected food businesses including Union Square Hospitality Group and Hot Bread Kitchen. She began teaching English to food industry employees 10 years ago as a volunteer. Since then, she’s been on a mission to develop better, more accessible communication tools for everyone in the industry.

Kai Yen | Co-Founder, CTO

Kai is a full-stack tech leader, problem-solving fiend, and food enthusiast. He’s a two-time startup founder and was the CTO & Managing Director at JWT Inside (employer branding, internal communications and recruitment advertising for the world's leading companies). He and Rachael met at a death metal club in Queens . They nerded out on language and tech and their partnership ensued.