Week 9 [Spring]

Level 1a [Beginner]

Students worked on pronouncing the difference between words that end in -op and words that end in -ap. A few words we focused on: trap, wrap, drop. New words: fly trap vs mouse trap. A teachable moment: Olvis/The NoMad killed a fly and said “trap”!

Level 3a [Advanced]

Students worked on building vocabulary this week. They shared recently learned words and created quizzes for their classmates. Steven/Eleven Madison Park said that the way he learns new vocabulary is he writes words down on post-its and puts them in his bathroom. Then every time he goes to the bathroom he practices the words—wow! He contributed: the sniffles, dustpan, broom, clipboard, perhaps, home sick, handsome, and foam to our worksheets today—all words from post-its in his bathroom!

Level 2a [Intermediate]

It was just Yomaira/The NoMad and I in class this week so we spent some time going over some things that she specifically needed/wanted to go over. She learned language for meat temps: rare, medium-rare, medium, well-done. She learned the expression "not at all." 

Other new words: worried, hole, iron, ashamed, buy, storage vs store.

When talking about pronoun "it" she had an 'a-ha moment!' She said, "So, it is similar like "la" and "lo" but in English, you don't have the feminine and masculine so it's necessary in general 'it'!" Bravo!

Proud of Jose S. /The NoMad who came to drop off his homework and collect homework for this week even though he couldn't stay for class. 


Week 10 [Spring]

Week 8 [Spring]