Week 7 [Spring]

Level 3 [Advanced]

This week's lesson, "Expressing Disappointment" really hit home for Fabian/NoMad. He created a role-play based off of a real situation at work—he had cooked off some chicken, but the chef said it wasn't to temp, BUT, the chef was checking chicken that someone else had cooked earlier. A big misunderstanding that Fabian was happy to learn the language for today. 

Level 2a [Intermediate]

Yomaira/NoMad did an excellent job speaking today. Her confidence is soaring in this class. We had to rely on her a lot today because the lesson was about health inspection vocabulary. Jose and Joselo said they don't have to do anything. "We stop working and we don't go downstairs." But Yomaira was able to list a lot of things in English: "put on my hat and gloves, throw away everything open or expired, put labels on the food, check the thermometers in the refrigerator for the meats and the vegetables." Bravo!

Week 8 [Spring]

Week 6 [Spring]