Week 6 [Spring]

Level 1a [Beginner]

Students got really creative during a speaking activity about their schedules this week. Merary/Made Nice originally said "Do you work next Wednesday Friday morning?" I taught students "or" so that Merary could ask and students could answer "Do you work next Wednesday or Friday morning?" Great work!

Level 3 [Advanced]

Very proud of Fabian/NoMad and Dariel/NoMad this week! They did not attend class because they had to work, however, they both came to see me before class to hand in their homework from last week and collect homework and study sheets for this week. Their hard word and dedication is well noted. 

Level 2a [Intermediate]

Students had to create role-plays about various kitchen disasters this week. One memorable role-play was about a broken cell phone. Jose/NoMad recalled language from last week and said, "Yomaira, can you lend me $500? I will pay you back next week." Fantastic!

Week 7 [Spring]

Week 5 [Spring]