Winter - Week 6

Level 1a [highlight]

Intro to directions!

The real testament to how successful this lesson was was when Mery left class saying “come leo, past the electrical past the bathroom...” and Leo responded with “down the elevator”. 

Level 2 [highlight]

Today students told their New York story and some interesting questions/thoughts came up:

New ideas/words: street fair, booth, leader, busser (ss were familiar w/busboy but not the non gendered 'busser')

When discussing the reading, it reminded Fanny of some 'slang' she hears at work and she wanted to know what it means:"I hear people say 'sick' all the time. But they say it like, 'man that's sick!' or 'this is so sick.' Doesn't sick mean something is bad or that you don't feel good? What are they talking about?" great connection! 'sick' as 'slang'

Diana did a great job remembering some of the irregular past verbs. Sometimes she struggles with this but today she remembered took, spoke, woke, brought, was, and went. Great job!

Winter - Week 7

Winter - Week 5