How do you say ___?

Level 1- Thursday

Several Level 1 students have been absent lately and so this morning we spent some time on an improvised lesson so that everyone was sure to be on the same page. First we organized our folders and students were reminded of how to take notes (new paper for every class with the date at the top)

After that, students were asked to go downstairs and take a photo of 2 ingredients they didn't know the name of. Then, they came back to class and had to ask their classmates "How do you say this?" and then "How do you spell?" Some of the ingredients they came back with were....

  • tumeric (they thought it was ginger)
  • lemongrass (they said grass lemon - close!)
  • blueberry (then Julio asked what the difference between 'blueberry' and 'Burberry' was. He thought the brand was the name of an actual berry too)
  • baby garbanzo
  • parsley (they said 'it's similiar to cilantro')
  • frisee (Narcisso astutely pointed out that this was NOT the same as freezer)
  • artichoke (this one had everyone stumped)

There was one more ingredient, but we couldn't figure out the name. So! For homework, students have to ask an English speaker what it's called and how to spell it!

Great class!


The glass broke.