Game Day - Thurs AM

Students did well on BINGO and were sufficiently challenged at all levels of BINGO that we played:

  • Easy - numbers
  • Medium - words (Narciso was 'teacher' and called out words)
  • Hard - phrases (Olvis and Narcisco played together)

After BINGO we played a sentence building game where, using words that students collected in their homework, students had to write sentences. This was extremely challenging for Narciso and Olvis. Narciso due to his confidence level and Olvis due to his writing ability. With guidance, they were able to produce some simple sentences like: I see Narciso. or He sees the door

They were reminded that doing homework is the best way to test their knowledge. I tasked Narcisco with checking in on Olvis and Henrry this week to check in with them and see if they did their homework. 

I am boring.

The leak is in the floor.