Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday


Today, Ss had to understand intonation changes in pronunciation and respond to an incorrect order in English.

Ss were able to understand and respond to comprehension questions in detail after listening to a dialogue about an incorrect order; however, they had a lot of trouble with that same dialogue when they had to put written pieces of the dialogue in order while listening. This is a sign that we need to make stronger connections between what ss hear and what they see on a page. We can find several ways to support this in classroom. To support it on the job, you can encourage Ss to take notes during line up!

Late // Marcelino—10 min. Daniel—15 min. Giovanni—20 min (but he sent a message on What's app so we knew). 

Diana and Fanny—on time! 

Level 1 High - Friday

Level 1 - Thursday