Level 1 - Tuesday


Class changed days this week due to the holiday.

Ss had to recall the difference between like and want the read a story about food preferences.

Merary said: I want hot chocolate. (over and over again). I was trying to understand why she was repeating it, because her pronunciation and comprehension were all there. Then I realized that she was trying to memorize it so that she could use it in real life. 

Maria Luisa  said "I want slai of pizza'. When I wrote it on the board she said that wasn't what she meant, so she came up and write 'slice'. That prompted a mini lesson about words that end in -ce. Perfect example: nice! (as in Made Nice). Ss had an aha moment at that point. 

A lot of great moments in class today. 

Level 2/3 FOH - Tuesday

Level 1 High - Friday