Level 1 High - Friday


Students learned polite phrases for asking for things and used those phrases to request an object.

Ss confused "thing" with "think" initially.
Some great examples that Ss came up with for noncount nouns:

  • rain—Joselo
  • oil—Jose
  • quinoa—Alvaro. 

**It should be noted that this group does a great job of trying to either explain something or come up with examples in English when I ask, "What is...?" Some Ss like to revert to the Spanish translation immediately but this class always tries to work through meaning in English first. Bravo!

Joselo did a great job focusing today, which sometimes he has difficulty with. He had great examples for nouns, he got 100% on his quiz, and did very well on the listen and write activity. He spotted a few mistakes that Jose Sanches made (usually it's the other way around) and he was also able to spot where to correctly insert please in his sentences too. 

Level 1 - Tuesday

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday