Level 1 High - Friday


Ss has to for S and TH sounds and pronounce correctly. Then they performed a short dialogue using words of the day.

  • Sink - Think
  • Sick - Thick
  • Pass - Path
  • Sing - Thing
  • Tense - Tenth
  • Mouse - Mouth

Joselo and Kelvison struggled a lot today. Joselo was really giving it his all, though Kelvinson seemed irritated with the pronunciation practice. I could not tell if he was in fact irritated, frustrated, or just tired today—class was tired all around, Joselo fell asleep a few times; everyone was yawning. We'll see how everyone's doing next week and will check in with Kelvison if he's still feeling frustrated. 


Level 1 (low) - Thursday

Level 2/3 (FOH)