Level 2/3 (FOH)


Ss were able to listen and discern which clarification phrases for clarification were appropriate for which situation.

Ss also did an excellent job creating their own scenario. Diana and Giovanni had the scenario "fast food worker and guest in a restaurant" and they chose to have the worker use phrases that were actually "inappropriate" for a manager or server in a nicer restaurant. Their classmates Ss were able to guess what their scenario was and said it was "Because the employee is saying 'what?' and 'huh?' It must be like McDonalds!" Great idea; great observation!

Also - At the start of class, we had a short check-in about Ss comfort-levels. Ss said that Listening was actually the English skill that is easiest for them—except for Salvador and Diana. Pronunciation and grammar seemed to be what Ss thought was most difficult for them across the board. 


Level 1 High - Friday

Level 1 - Friday