Week 5 [Spring]

Level 2a [Intermediate]

Due to low attendance, I decided to ditch the lesson and take a tour of the warehouse instead.
Students had to present their departments. They had to talk about 5 things:
-What they do every day
-the busy time in their department
-5 objects they work with
-anything extra they wanted to share

Then, observers had to ask a question. Great questions from Tomas - Do you need a license to drive a lift from the state or from the city?

New words this week: Scan Gun , clippers (for grapes), fragile, expectations, scoop

Level 1b [High Beginner]

Students worked on language found on forms and how to correctly fill out a form this week. Interesting: students confused State vs City and Last name vs First name and it was a team effort to figure out manager, employer, and reason during a matching game we played. Israel and Ezequiel did an especially great job today speaking about and comparing their PTO form to the example one in class. They led an entire discussion about it! Way to go!


Week 6 [Spring]

Week 4 [Spring]