Winter - Week 8


Level 1a

After a walk around the facility to learn how to give directions, ss came back to the classroom but just stood outside the room and did not go in. I said, "what happened?" and the ss said, "teacher, how do you say..." [go inside?] Pepe thought about it for a minute and said, "Open the door!"  Then Israel said, "Go inside." Great job following directions!

Level 2a

At the start of class, students had a race to see how many foods they could name [and spell] correctly in 10 minutes. Jose Jimenez and Isaul won!

Level 1b

Class goal: Identify the difference between like/want. Respond to yes/no questions. 

During a speaking activity where has was asked if he liked mangu [a dish from the DR], Derwin learned a new word: 'mash' 

Ramon asked a good question: "Is it: 'like hungry,' 'want hungry,' or 'have hungry?'"

Junior explained that 'like' is something that is "all the time" and that 'want' is "something maybe for right now." Great explanation/connection!

Junior, Ruth, and Yoel all excelled in this lesson. They are progressing steadily in the program. 

Winter - Week 9

Winter - Week 7