Winter - Week 10

Level 1a 

New word: really (as in, "very")

Ss did an awesome job expressing preferences:

"I want a seafood salad. I like octopus, I don't like celery. I just like the seafood."—Miguel

"I want a cheeseburger. I like lettuce and cheese. I don't like tomato. I don't want mayonnaise."—Grisleyda

"I want pizza. I like bbq chicken pizza. I don't like mushrooms. I like pineapples."—Lourdes

"I want pizza. I like pepperoni. I don't like mushrooms."—Rafael

Level 1b

Objective: Use verb DO in the past. Notice past simple tense. Write verbs in the past. Use time words in the past.

For the free activity, Yoel said that he "hangiar" and we were trying to decide what that could be in English. We concluded it was "hang out" or "chill" with friends. Great teachable moment to learn the past of these 2 informal verbs too! Choco said, "maybe they hear it in English and that's what they try to say, 'hang out.' This is Dominican dialect." Great observation!

Derwin did a great job coming up with correct sentences during the Action Brainstorm and the What Did They Do with his group: "He cleaned up the spill." "I did not relax at all today." Bravo!

Winter - Week 11

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