Winter - Week 2

Level 1b

We talked about the pronunciation of flour and flower is the same. Tomas/Retail asked a great question, "If the pronunciation is the same, how do you know what someone is talking about? If a customer says, 'where is the flour?' How do I know what one?" This inspired a great response from Junior who was able to explain how flowers usually have an 's' which can help him know the difference. 

Level 3

The class started with a conversation about our On The Fly (extracurricular writing). The topic: Listen to a song in English and talk about. Luciano/Retail expressed that he has trouble with listening to music in English because he doesn't understand anything. Fatima shared that the Beatles and Frank Sinatra help her a lot. Luciano took the recommendation and seemed more at ease with the thought of trying it. 

Level 2

Our opening question was "what did you want to be when you grew up?" 

  • Joel - salesman
  • Javier - President of DR
  • Ondina - Folk dancer
  • Maricel - business owner

Winter - Week 3

Winter - Week 1