The Level 2 class learned about when to use WILL vs GOING TO in English this week. This week, students had to read a sample email in order to get the words in context. The email was about a cake order and there was an order for 3, 6 inch cakes - written as (3, 6" cakes). Jaime asked what it means when we use quotation marks on both sides of a word. He gave an example:

1 box of "caviar"

He thought it was used to note that something is important, but he also noted that sometimes he's noticed it's used to talk about something not being what it really is. He concluded that if he puts quotes around caviar, then it means the caviar is fake. So we came up with another way to give it importance - putting a star next to it. 

Jaime always has great questions and this one was very meaningful to him. 

As soon as

That's too expensive. I'll look for a new vendor!