John and Jose (5:30a class)

Not 3 months ago, Jose Pacheco had moved up from Level 1 to Level 2 on my recommendation. He was both nervous and ready. During the Spring quarter, he worked most comfortably with Fatima and was always second-guessing himself. 

Today was John Cuartas' first day in Level 2. He was vocal about how scared he was. We talked about it as a class. Jose was paired with John today during an error correction activity. It's evident that Jose has grown considerably over the past 3 months and is taking John under his 'English wing'. I did no hand-holding today. It's a proud and successful moment to see students support each other without need for direct assistance from a teacher. Bravo to Jose and John. 

Prep v. Prepare (7:30a class)

I have a burn on my face.