Level 3


Ss began to learn the *secret* to great performance reviews - collocations!

As a way of introducing ss to certain concepts around performance reviews, they were asked to self-evaluate their performance in English class. Interestingly, Arianny listed 'needs improvement' for almost every question (homework, participation, making an effort to use what he has learned). I will speak with him next week - my hunch is that he is a bit intimidated by his more senior peers. He is very good at English and the more he actively participates in the program, the more he will thrive. 

Some new words for students: willing, unwilling, strive, eager, ensure

Ss had to pair up their words with others the commonly go with them and did a great job of working together to get the right answer. Here are a few terms they learned:

  • assume responsibility
  • never fails
  • meets expectations
  • resists change
  • eager for more
  • ensures safety

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