Level 1


Ss learned to use 'get' and 'put away' correctly, and listen and follow verbal directions. 

Ss got a lot of great items that they did not know the name for so we learned a lot of new vocabulary: Morocho—cardboard box, Jerry—paper bag, Miguel—bundle of rope, Bilirido—meat wrapping pads, Yoel—calendar, Grisleyda—gloves. Jose V. got a screw, not a paper good, but it was a great find! He knew the word screw and pronounced it correctly—and it was a new word for some of the other ss. 

Some of the role plays that stood out when ss had to demonstrate understanding of get/put away: 

  • Bilirido and Lourdes "Can you get the degreaser?" "Yes. Where is the degreaser?" "On the shelf. Can you get 5 gallons of degreaser?" "No. I have 1 gallon of degreaser."
  • Morocho and Grisleyda "Can you get the juice?" "Yes. What juice?" "The orange juice." "Where is the juice?" "In the fridge."

Level 2

Level 1 - High