Level 2


Objective -listen to a native English speaker and analyze what they say

During our warm-up, ss spoke about which native English speaker they work with who is a challenge to understand and why. This was insightful and we encourage all managers to ask this question to their staff so that they have a deeper understanding of creating stronger communication bonds. 

Confusing words:

  • online vs on the line vs in line
  • products vs produce
  • see you shortly 
  • acknowledge

Everyone stayed very focused in class and worked hard to analyze what they heard in a recording. Maricel's listening is improving as well as Mauricio's. Joel is slowly coming out of his shell and learning to trust himself. Renso did a nice job of re-stating what he heard today. He's very creative with language. 

Javier thinks he understands more than he does which makes it a challenge for him to progress in class. We're working on self awareness with him. 

Level 3

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