Level 1 - low


Objective: Use 'when' and 'where' correctly. Read and understand an invitation. In, at, on development.

new words today: tongs, grand opening, dining room

Jose V. did a great job today! He got a little frustrated when we did the back of his worksheet because he forgot when vs where for a minute, but he was able to catch his own mistakes! 

All classes (even if they have the same level) are filled with students of mixed abilities. So, we have worksheets that accommodate that. Here is who worked on 'easy' vs. 'difficult' worksheets today..

"difficult" papers: Yoel, Ezequiel, Israel, Grisleyda, Bilirido, and Miguel
"easy" papers: Morocho, Lorenzo, Jose V., and Jerry


Winter - Week 1

Level 1 - High