Level 1 - High


Ss learned how to investigate terms on a food label, recognize healthy vs. not healthy, and express units of measure.

Ramon did an excellent job following instructions today—sometimes he struggles with listening so we need to go over instructions with him a few times—but today he did a great job of listening.

As soon as a new word comes up, Rommel always immediately wants to look it up on his phone. Today he started to do this with "brand" and I stopped him. I told him that we will talk about it as a class and Junior said, "Yes because sometimes when I need a word in the moment, I look it up, but I don't remember it later. It's better to talk about it. It helps to remember." I gave several examples of a "brand" before ss were able to guess what it is. I used items from the warehouse that we could see through the window and said, "kikkoman is the brand," "Lundberg is the brand" etc...

Level 3

Level 1 - Low