Level 3

Ss worked on several different ways to give advice today. They have worked on this before but it was necessary review as a lead in to some larger grammar concepts we're about to cover. 

Very cool to see Andreyis working with Carolina. They make a good team. Carolina has the speaking confidence and urges Andreyis to come out of her shell. 

Licette did a nice job working with Esteban today. They really honored the instructions to give advice using as many ways as possible (you should, why don't you...?, how about...?). They gave advice to someone who was about to have a meeting with the owner of Citarella. 

Arianny is having trouble focusing in class. Not sure if something's going on at work or at home, but he's been on his phone a lot in class the past 2 weeks. I'll speak with him next week if he continues. 


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