Level 2

Ss learned about the use of "there is" and "there are" today.

We've been working A LOT on syntax lately. It's something that students need both in their speaking and writing. This basically means word order. 

In order to support that, we played EnglishBall. You throw a ball and whoever catches it says 1 word. Then, they throw to someone else who says another word. And so on until an entire sentence is complete. This was really effective for everyone today. They were correcting each other's errors and Maricel (wow!) so impressed with her awareness of syntax and grammar today.

Javier and Joel are still getting used to the rhythm of class but they are catching on. Rafael is having a lot of trouble breaking out of his speaking shell. Working on encouraging him to 'just try'.

Renso was 30 minutes late because be overslept. 

Level 3

Level 1 (High)