Week 8 [Spring]

Level 3 [Advanced]

Students worked on how to express feelings of disappointment this week. Students understand the concept, but have difficulty expressing it in English in a way that is professional, so students were very excited about this lesson. The language learned actually helped Fanny with a real situation she is currently dealing with at work.

Students had fantastic examples of situations where you might feel disappointed:

With myself...

"When you don't have the courage to do something." —Fanny
"Not going to college or finishing school because I didn't know the language well enough."—Ana
"If I make a mistake when I know better than to do what I did."—Jose

With someone else...                                                                                                               

"When someone comes to work late all the time, BUT they are really good with customer service so you are disappointed that they can't get here on time." —Fanny

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