Winter ESL - Week 10

Jeopardy Week!

This week, students played Jeopardy. A great review game and a chance for students to see what they're excelling at and what they still need to work on.

here were an odd number of ss so I asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to play on their own. Ana volunteered and she actually won too! She stole a lot of points today! Bravo

The things that kept stumping ss all around were modals, conditionals, and 'too'—something to bear in mind for future practice. Here are some sentences that students came up with.

"I enjoy baseball and football more than any other activity."—submitted by Edwin

"Do you mind trying new experiences?" —submitted by Jessica

"Do you like your English class?"—submitted by Dacia

"What is the most challenging situation you have ever been in?"—submitted by Fanny


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