Functional English Training

Training Consists of 3 parts


Sample Lessons

Level 1 | Zero Beginner

  • Introducing yourself

  • Expressing understanding & misunderstanding

  • Actions: work, eat, go

  • Location words: up, down, in, out

  • Vocabulary: tools, facilities, people


Level 2 | Basic

  • Expressing understanding & misunderstanding

  • Expressing needs

  • Actions: start, finish, wrap, peel

  • Locations 2: on top, under, next to, between

  • Vocabulary: jobs, tools, containers, measurements, numbers, kitchen colors


Level 3 | High Beginner

  • Expressing understanding & misunderstanding

  • Listening for instructions (Slice half a block of cheddar)

  • Giving instructions (Make 4 quarts of soup)

  • Describing a problem (There’s blood on the wall in the bathroom.)

  • Asking for something (Where’s my paring knife?)


Level 4 | True Intermediate

  • Expressing understanding & misunderstanding

  • Expressing preferences and opinions (I think it’s too bitter)

  • Following a prep list (Slice half a block, cube the rest)

  • Requesting a change (We got degreaser. We need sanitizer.)

  • Placing an order (Can I get 3 cases of shiitakes?)

  • Asking for permission (Can I have Monday off?)